Saturday, 11 January 2014

The ranks

I wonder how the commenter on the needle blog knows how effective the diocese of Winchester is and how they can back up their claims? INTERESTING isn't it? :)
See my previous post about how they could claim that or why.

I had an interesting conversation the other evening. Sometimes I have to explain to people why I am a fugitive who can't go to a doctor or claim housing benefit and thus live with ill health and poverty, because the Diocese managed to have me traced through the police last year and wrecked my life, and thus I daren't go on record as being anywhere in case they and the police abuse their power in order to attack and ruin me again, because I cannot withstand much more of it.
Anyway, in this conversation, these people worked out it was the church of england wrecking my life, and said they knew how the wealthy older people who form a majority of the running of the Church of england can close ranks and block justice and close someone out.
It is always refreshing to know someone understands, and always surprising how many people understand.

Those within the church cannot see themselves and see how out of touch and archaic they are, they remind me of the clergyman in Tess of the d'Urbervilles, who would not allow the dead baby a decent burial because he was illegitimate. The Church of England hasn't changed much, and that appalling cover up for the Dean in Jersey, and that appalling smear campaign against me by people like Bruce Willing, who showed no sign of knowing what Christianity or humility are, shows how little the Church of England has changed.

That desparate and unfounded claim that the Diocese of Winchester's safeguarding is good, sounds so like Jane Fisher, and sadly she, or whoever wrote it, cannot back it up because it is not the case, she has left other people suffering in the last year and that is a claim that can be substantiated, and I can back up my case that the Diocese are lacking in adequate safeguarding, I would describe the counterclaim against my comment as 'desparate'.

I am also aware though, that the more the Diocese provoke me, the more I answer, the more they go to the police with half-truths, untruths, omissions of what they did illegally and against my human rights to provoke me and the police act only for the diocese and treat me as insane even though all mental health statements say otherwise, and thus the diocese remain with a free reign to destroy me and I have no defence, am not allowed to defend myself and suffer massive psychological harm.

So, I think that because of this, the commenter on the Needle blog against my comment, has made an unfounded comment that they cannot back up, a diocese that has a traumatized abuse victim repeatedly brutalized and locked up and given a record while they continue to employ the abusers, a diocese that continues to provoke the victim by violating their human rights and being untruthful about them, slandering them and driving them from their community and repeatedly trying to have them put away as they are autistic and screaming in distress at seeing their whole life ruined for the sake of a diocese and safeguarding officer who has protected abusers for the sake of the church's reputation and yet refuses stop harming the victim, this diocese that ruined me for being disabled and abused in a church where they employed a known abuser and allowed him to 'adopt' me and take me home, this diocese is NOT A GOOD DIOCESE FOR SAFEGUARDING.

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