Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Traffik between one abusive organization and another, how often does it happen?

The picture on the Needle Blog of Jimmy Saville with his NSPCC badge and a cheque, makes my stomach churn.
He supports them, they provide for his needs, or desires.
The Diocese wanted me to be in the hands of that organization, vulnerable and damaged, in the hands of an organization as political and abusive as the Church of England themselves.
How sick.
And because they are a 'Charity', the Diocese would not have to pay anything to traffik me to them.
Vulnerable people are at significant risk in the Diocese of Winchester's hands.

This is who the church of england have tried to traffik me to,

described in the press release by Bishop (Dakin) Luther-Pendragon as 'help the diocese have offered me and worked hard to accross the diocese to get for me', I wish the church of england would learn English, accross the Diocese means from the Channel islands to North Hampshire and from East Hampshire to Dorset, Dakin probably meant his staff at Old Alresford Place phoned the NSPCC, even though I am not a child or a carer of a child.

I remember Old Alresford Place, JM's Benefice Administrator ran off with a girl there and left his wife dying of cancer, to hell with morals and setting an example, that was one of my first experiences of how the Church of England is nothing to do with Christianity, funny how that was forgiven and I am still publicly branded and condemned for being an abuse victim who fought back to an abuser-sheltering church.

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