Thursday, 9 January 2014


Good morning,
I am quite surprised to see Matthew Price has been interviewing the Home Affairs Minister in Jersey in such a way :) In Jersey you can get bumped off for things like that. Well, you can get ruined for it.

I am also intrigued to see that someone from Southampton has been viewing the blog and hiding their viewing, I know Jane Fisher and the Bishop's PA and others from the diocese live in Southampton, unsurprisingly, because it is part of the diocese.
I have had some funny comments about Southampton having it's own Bishop and thus not being in the Diocese, but people do not understand about sufferance Bishops who are a sufferance and have their own town in a diocese, like Bishop Trevor, who used to make Basingstoke suffer even though it was in the Diocese of Winchester too. Although making Basingstoke suffer is no bad thing.
I like Southampton, the city of my childhood, but of course, even a visit there would put me at risk. I do not like Winchester, my home city that I loved, it is full of horrific memories of the diocese and the severe and far-reaching damage they did to me.

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