Tuesday, 7 January 2014

accidents, advice and inaccuracies

I have to wonder, did the Diocese of Winchester also have the services of the NSPCC when it came to advice about cover-ups at the expense of victims?

And also, am I going to meet with one of those 'convenient' accidents that befall a number of victims who speak up, if they are not driven to suicide as I nearly have been? Sometimes those accidents occur in police cells, I have been brutalized and seen it covered up and denied by the police enough by now, and I know so much about so many cases in which victims and vulnerable people are destroyed because it is deemed less harmful by big powerful corperations to see them meet with an accident rather than that corperation taking responsibility for themselves.
If the diocese can lie in court about the harm they did that provoked me, and can cover up so much as they have done since March last year and even earlier, they can find ways to have me put away or bumped off, they have repeatedly tried to have me put away and they know I go into a fury when they provoke me.
Wicked Godless soulless, consciousless people.

If anything happens to me, the Diocese of Winchester will not walk away from it.

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