Monday, 6 January 2014

from homeless, written 05/03/2012, even the first line, very appropriate for today as I have been disturbed by noise on waking and I feel rattled andI hope to do some blogging today and am posting this to get me started

It is exceptionally hard to write anything in this blog or do anything about this blog.
I thought I would do what my friend did on facebook and do some confessions in order to start 'talking again'.

1. I hate noise first thing in the morning, any noise, especially crashes, bangs, barks, people talking, I also don't like to talk in the early morning, I like silence or quiet music. Until at least 9am.

2. I like bad weather.

3. I suffer from such severe social phobia/fear of people that if I was anyone else I would never leave the house, I cannot bear people near me.

4. I have forgotten the order of service in church, which I used to know by heart, I seem to have forgotten it rapidly due to trauma.

5. I whimper when I am distressed or have flashbacks, even in public.

6. I suck my thumb to help me fall asleep and when I feel tired or distressed, though not usually in public.

7. I need music to help me get through each day.

8. I don't remember any hugs or kindness in the first 17 years of my life. Apart from my brother and sister being kind sometimes, when their own problems were overwhelming them.

9. I like banana milkshake, but no one in the world knows it because I never drink it.

10. I like Irish music.

11. I like boring you by writing this.

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