Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Does anyone still question my disgust at the Diocese trying to set the NSPCC on me? -edited


Two names, one, Jimmy Saville, two (not pictured) Esther Rantzen.

Truly the Diocese do not have a clue.

At least you hope they don't.

The NSPCC is sadly nothing good or beneficial. I am not sure what their role is any more. I should think that a number of other people, especially victims, feel the same.

One abuser-harbouring cover-up organization, the church of england, tried to farm me off to another abuser harbouring  cover-up organization, the NSPCC.

The Diocese of Winchester, after wasting half a million and wrecking my life and causing an all-out war with the Jersey Deanery, decided to refer me to the NSPCC, which is inadequate, inapropriate and insulting, and also cost them nothing as the NSPCC is a charity.

Jimmy Savile had links with the NSPCC, thus denying access to help for his victims.
I did not authorize the Diocese to refer me anywhere, especially not after the harm they did to me, and the Bishop threatening me.


  1. from one cover up team to another, lets trade vulnerable abuse victims shall we? From one abuser-harbouring organization to another.
    I don't suppose either realise even now, after all this, that some survivors just won't do as you try to force them to.

  2. the NSPCC were the 'help' that the diocese claim to have offered me. Disgusting.