Monday, 16 December 2013

today's post

Good evening. It has been a long day, the day started early with a routine trip to the hospital, hospital turns my hair grey, and I am sure I turn the staff's hair grey.
I like having a nosey poke around hospitals, I always wonder if the sexual health clinic is by the mortuary because the wages of sin are death, and I like the vending machines, if they work properly! :(  humpf.
I got back this afternoon very tired and had a sleep.

Tony's blog shows that Jersey and Winchester having been scrapping since long before I was born.

The problem with putting a link there is that I watch all my blog readers arrive on the blog, find the link and vanish through the link, never to be seen again. :)

I've been asked to do more happy memories, but at the moment my memories are all a very tired blur, so I will try and pull an old post off the 'Homeless' blog, which is not online.

My alpine advent calender doesn't want to play, so I am feeling sad, I think I have to close all my internet in order to get it to work well.

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