Tuesday, 17 December 2013

more comparisons


more comparisons:

Jesus was born in poverty and without a proper home,
so was I,
most people in the churches where I was hurt were born into comfortable homes

Jesus was born  to his parents alone with no medical help, so was I,
the church people have pictures of mothers and babies in hospitals
that is all they know,

what is Christening? Jesus was baptised as an adult without the frills and showers of gifts that the church Christenings demand and the wealthy who have destroyed me take for granted, I was baptised as an adult by someone who emotionally harmed me, with a witness who sexually abused me, and with two other witnesses who upheld them, my baptism was rushed because of their hurry to have me confirmed into the church,
my baptism wasn't the big family occasion with gifts and a party and drinking and dancing, neither was Jesus's, but probably without exception, the party and gifts were what the people in the church had for their baptisms and their children's baptisms.


God bless everyone in the world.

I remember on the island when one of the priests said about someone saying we should even pray for the extremists and mass murderers of a certain faith, some of the people muttered about it.
Yes, it is hard for me to pray for the people who have personally harmed me, and no doubt my abusers and their supporters pray for me for show.
But I can understand praying for people who want to harm people, praying that they will repent and see a better way of doing things.

Now I have launched into this controversial subject, I am going to stop talking in case I cause outcry.

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