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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Imagine what it is like to be told by a supporter of your abuser that you haven't been abused, imagine what it is like to be told that you do this to everyone and that you are the trouble, imagine what it is like when your abuser's supporter is the dean and he  lies to the court and says you turned up at his house screaming and shouting as he succesfully has you thrown in prison and convicted with the full help and support of the Bishop and the safeguarding officer who have allowed him to continue to be involved despite his bias and friendship with the abuser and the Bishop denies the friendship and claims that the dean has 'enforced the restrictions on the abuser' when he obviously hasn't.
Imagine what it is like for a church abuse victim in a small community where the church are on the abuser's side and the diocese on the mainland simply deny it all and smash the victim down and judge her on things they have only heard the other side of, not the abuse victim's side.

And if you can't imagine that, have you read this blog from the beginning?

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