Monday, 7 October 2013

email to Hampshire constabulary cc the Bishop (who uses his chaplain's email address) when the Bishop made contact after I formally withdrew from the charade of an investigation (please note, I keep being dragged back into this farce investigation, and yet my evidence isn't being taken and I am not going to give evidence to anyone who is conflicted)

Regarding my formal complaint of harrasment against Bishop Tim Dakin of Wolvsley Palace, Winchester, I do not know his date of Birth but he is 53.

This was my formal letter to the Diocese, informing them that I have withdrawn, the Bishop has since distressed me by making contact with me, please ensure that he is prevented from doing so again.
He needs to accept that I have withdrawn, you as the police, have a duty of care to protect me, not just to beat me up and lock me in for this same Diocese when I react to them.
Please not the date of my letter and the dates of the Bishop's email subject boxes in the screen shot, and please take this seriously.
I feel frightened and threatened by the Bishop, and always have done and am not pleased that you traced me so that he could hurt me and use me in his war on the Jersey Deanery. Please remember your duty of care and put an end to his aggression and intimidation of me.
I am not able to attend a police station as I do not want to be beaten and locked in, and I cannot phone you

Also could you ensure that the Diocese remove the defamatory 'Korris report' from internet publication as it has harmed me and is harming me as it is grossly inaccurate.

Please make it clear to the Bishop of Winchester that he has had an opportunity to talk to me, meet with me and gather evidence and he has not taken it, and thus he is never to make contact with me again.

The email below is dated 14/08.13 and he has contacted me on 16/08/13, I do not read his intimidating, aggressive and hostile messages and never will, and he is to accept that this matter is over for me. It is a travesty that you traced me so that the Bishop and his Diocese could harm me and harm the clergy in Jersey in a massive public and very very messed up 'investigation' instead of him having a quiet word with the wrongdoers and leaving me out with it, instead he has herded all the clergy in Jersey together, the innocent and the good, and publicly attacked them while threatening me, lying in the press about personally apologizing to me, and ruining me for no good reason at all.

It is vitally important that it is seen that I have been damaged for five months solid by the Bishop of Winchester and that he appears to have no intention of ceasing to harm me and no intention of helping me, and his lies about apologies, publishing of the Korris report and continued contact with me is sending me mad with distress.

I have also sent this in letter form to the Archbishop of Canterbury, who is responsible for the Bishop of Winchester's dreadful behaviour and harm to me, and also to the national safeguarding officers, who need to e aware that I am still being harmed by the Bishop of Winchester.

I will continue to make a complaint against the Diocese of Winchester until someone hears me and forces them to withdraw and stop harming me. The way the Bishop has treated me and his own clergy is a disgrace and the way I have had to see the Korris report and the untruth about an apology that I never got and have been dragged into this war for no reason at all, is unacceptable, and eventually, 
someone, the police, Archbishop or an outside agency need to step in and remove the Bishop of Winchester before he harms any more clergy or vulnerable people and there needs to be an independent enquiry into why I have been beaten and detained repeatedly and treated as if mad by the Diocese of Winchester for responding to their harm to me, especially the harm inflicted on me by Jane Fisher, who is a danger to vulnerable adults and yet still works with them, she had an abuse victim villified and put in prison and repeatedly beaten and locked up, that is safeguarding is it?

 I will never recover from what has been done to me by the police on behalf of the Diocese, but the Bishop of Winchester does not care about that, he threatened me over it, he does not care about what he is doing to me and the consequences, he is using me to make life hell for his clergy in Jersey, to no apparent aim at all, and it is time that either the Archbishop or the police stopped his mad destructive behaviour.
Bishop Dakin, Withdraw means withdraw, it does not mean go on distressing me, since you threatened me, your emails are a source of great distress and harm to me.
Your investigation is nothing to do with me, and I cannot put it strongly enough you are harming me! STOP! I do not care what you have to say, as long as those police brutalizations and detentions are on my record, as long as I am living in fear, and as long as I am treated as mad and bad and cannot rebuild my life because of the record you got me, you are not to contact me, use me, lie about me or continue to harrass me in any way! The more you harm me, the less chance I have of surviving, with the return of my M. E. asthma and tachycardia all being a result of this, you are literally putting me in danger as well as causing disruption to my life, therapy and relationships.

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  1. you wont be surprised to hear that I have heard nothing in reply from Hampshire Constabulary, apparently they are selective as to whom they accept complaints off, ie, if the diocese complain about me and give one side of things, I will be beaten and locked up, if I complaint about the diocese I will be treated as if I am mad and my complaint will be deliberately refused or ignored.