Monday, 7 October 2013

Bob Hill's Heather Steel Blog

Although Bob Hill's blogs about my case re-traumatize me, they also show something, and the other bloggers have done this too.
They show that I am not alone with what happened to me, not suffering silently at the hands of the Diocese of Winchester as I was when Jane Fisher was violating my life over and over and over and getting me a police record for standing up to her, crying out in pain and fighting back.
I am slightly less of a punchbag for the Diocese of Winchester as a result.
I am truly grateful to the Jersey bloggers for that.

Anyone reading this who is not already aware, I do not have a complaint against the Jersey Deanery, my complaints are as follows: Jane Fisher is a danger to vulnerable adults and children, she destroyed me and is still in her role and unreprimanded, I want her removed.
The Diocese of Winchester and their clergy and churches are exclusive and damaging to the poor, the vulnerable and the isolated, there is no safeguarding and the cliques and treading on the poor is not Christian.
The Bishops of Winchester and their Diocese and their use of the police and Dame Steel have harmed me.

Here is Bob's Heather Steel Blog, and what is the point of having an Oligarch who is conflicted, investigating a pauper's case?

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