Friday, 11 October 2013

Statement to BBC Jersey

On the Anniversary of my return from Jersey to Winchester I have a statement for BBC Jersey.

I have been profoundly damaged by the way the Diocese of Winchester have acted since March, the Korris report omitted my views and my complaint against Safeguarding Director Jane Fisher, the Diocese of Winchester have shown no care or concern for me whatsoever and have been unpleasant to the point of threatening me when I begged them not to intervene in my life as they did previously on my return from Winchester to Jersey.

I do not agree with the way the Diocese of Winchester have handled this and I think they way they left me to be harmed by the smear campaign run by the Deanery of Jersey, and tried to tell me it was not happening was appalling.

I do not see the Diocese of Winchester's aim in all this, they seem directionless and if my welfare in all of this has been irrelevant to them, then I am not sure how they can claim that it is about the welfare of vulnerable people.

I have protested and so has Bob Hill, and so have many other people, that Dame Heather Steel is conflicted and thus she should not be involved in the enquiry, so I would like to state on the BBC that Dame Steel's enquiry is not to do with my complaint as far as I am concerned, and is not valid, and she has been asked to withdraw, thus whatever she publishes is not relevant to my complaint.

My complaint is about Jane Fisher and the Bishop and Diocese of Winchester and their handling of this, but at present, the Church of England are continuing to refuse to investigate my complaint.


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