Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Bob's blogs re-traumatise me, even though they are helpful, and they energize me to take action: An email to Dame Steel

Dame Steel,

I know Bob has sent you his blog, but I thought I would add.
You obviously haven't withdrawn from your harrassment of me by carring out a one-sided and conflicted investigation which does not cover my complaint, even though you are well aware that you are causing me prolonged distress while I am suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

This is another request to you to withdraw your wrong and conflicted enquiry, especially as you were advertised in the JEP as representing the clergy who you are supposedly supposed to investigate
This and the fact that you have refused to clarify anything, refused to withdraw, refused to communicate with Bob Hill, refused to arrange and independent person to investigate, makes your investigation not just unethical but downright wrong.

I gather from the nonsensical article in the JEP recently that you are about to publish your unbalanced report, which as far as I know involved illegal interaction with the police, and possible illegal access to my records even though I forbade your access to any records of mine because you are conflicted.
We are guessing your aim is to publish something on Friday or thereabouts, to try and further ban me from Jersey for your friends and colleagues, and you are being allowed to do your report with no regard to the damage you are doing to me.

On Friday and over the weekend, I have a very busy time with events in my life that are nothing to do with Jersey and the past.
I want to enjoy those events without you disrupting my life and traumatizing me, it is bad enough living in fear of your hijack of the investigation and wondering just how badly your biased and wrong report that omits my side of things will harm me.

You have proceeded in a conflicted role for a very long time now, and you have refused over and over again to respond to my mediator's emails to you, which makes it very clear indeed that you have a bias, you have not interviewed him or me, nor have you arranged an independent investigator to interview me.

You are basically blocking an enquiry at my expense, and the ironic thing is, I did not ask for any of this charade of the diocese of Winchester using me as a pawn five years later and years too late and after Jersey and Hampshire police have brutalized me and destroyed me at the instruction of the Diocese of Winchester who my complaint is about.

You would not have stepped forward with such eagerness to investigate Jane Fisher, who my complaint is about, would you? 
You stepped forward while your close colleague Philip bailhache ran a hate campaign against me to show the world what Christianity is not, and you stepped forward to hijack an enquiry so that you can do as your close colleague, Philip Bailhache wants and damn me and clear anyone not already cleared like Bob key was cleared without enquiry because Bailhache commanded it.

You have been asked repeatedly to withdraw from this enquiry as you are conflicted, see Bob's blog, as you will see, he has also run blogs about your close colleague, Philip Bailhache, Bob is one rare person who is not afraid of the retaliation that the 'Jersey way' entails, ie, raids at dawn, beatings, false imprisonment and police writing untrue things about him in reports, I am also running a blog, and no matter how important they think they are, Jersey's terrible police force cannot reach me to beat me and intimidate me.

I am running the blog in honour of your continued refusal to withdraw and allow a fair and impartial inquiry. An answer to whatever you are about to publish to destroy me again.
Well, seeing as the Korris report omitted my views and damaged me in ways that I have yet to recover from, how is your report, deliberately excluding my story, and seeing as you are conflicted, be any better, it is going to be used to destroy me from your colleagues, Bailhache and the others, there is no doubt in anyone's mind that this is not a fair and true investigation.

I will publish this email on my blog in readiness for the launch of your attack.

 I ask again for you to withdraw, and for the States of Jersey police to make you withdraw, and I state without fear that your investigation and report are not linked to my complaint, I do not agree to your investigation or report, you are harming me, your works in this are a form of harrassment and that I ask you to withdraw or for the police to withdraw you and to ensure that you are arrested if you continue and publish anything that will harm me further, emotionally, physically or in any way.


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