Friday, 11 October 2013

an open letter to Jane Fisher, Micheal-Scott-Joynt and the Diocese of Winchester

I do not understand and never will why you had to add to the utter destroyal of me, three years ago, Jane Fisher, Michael Scott-Joynt and Bob Key collaborated to destroy me, and I am indeed destroyed, I will never have quality of life again, and then in March you brutally traced me, threatened me, let a hate campaign be run against me and let a harmful and one-sided report that destroyed me further be published.

What hatred from people who hold positions in the church because they call themselves Christians, what hatred indeed.
I will never recover, but I uphold my complaint against Jane Fisher as you continue to leave her in a position to destroy vulnerable people for the crime of being abused and not allowing the church to sweep it under the carpet.

you are liable for gross negligence by leaving the woman who utterly destroyed an abuse complainant to go ahead and keep doing so, because there is no doubt that Jane Fisher is responsible for the Korris report and her own behaviour being omitted.

As I remember my destroyal at the hands of the Diocese of Winchester, and as I have relived it today, returning to Southampton where I arrived in my pyjamas three years ago, no bra, and only pyjamas and soft shoes, I wrote on my blog this morning, how, if I had known the year ahead of me, with jane Fisher destroying me as she did to cover her and Micheal Scott-Joynt's backs, I would have committed suicide that day.
But today I walked back down to the plane to Jersey, destroyed and suffering injustice that nothing and no-one will ever put right, destroyed for a safeguarding officer and a Bishop who hated God enough to subject me to the shame and horror of slandering me, removing me from my friends and every church I tried to worship in and having me repeatedly brutalized and locked in.

And I know that nothing I can ever do will restore my life, that record that Jane Fisher and the Bishop have given me has left living dead, and it would be kinder for God to let my life end, because nothing will ever heal this, and the seven month attack on my life by the Diocese of Winchester has been utterly unecessary, Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt, in their ruination of me, completely ensured that I will never have quality of life again, and I simply wait, either for the inevitable repeat police attacks, or death.

If you continue to leave Jane Fisher to harm vulnerable people, you are committing gross negligence.

As I celebrate alone the anniversary of my death at Jane Fisher's hands, I beg God for real death, and I beg the diocese and police to remove the woman who destroyed me and covered her back.

One day both Scott-Joynt and Fisher will have to face God and explain why they subjected a human being in their care to such horrific treatment for the sake of self interest, avoiding accountability and covering up for abusers and people who supported the abusers, and it remains to this day that there is no justice, and as long as I have a criminal record that was arranged on untruths and omission of my side of things, as long as it remains that I have no voice, the very best thing that could happen to me is death, I will never be able to work, I will never feel safe from Jane Fisher and the police, I will never be off the streets because the brutality of Jersey, Hampshire and Sussex police, who all seem to think that the insanity that Jane Fisher and Scott-Joynt claim I had meant that I needed to be violently thrown around and locked in a cell for 24 hours. 
I cannot recover, I cannot restore my life, and yet Fisher and Scott-Joynt have gone on to pretend that they are all innocent and exonorated themselves and I remain in horrific trauma.

As you who have seen my psychological report should know, I am not insane, I am severely traumatized.
And yet, I am living in fear and suffering, while the Bishop and Safeguarding officer remain in their warm homes and undoubtedly, as is the anglican way, have been able to tell themselves they are innocent.

I sense a police attack and another unjust and hushed up trial coming my way, th kind where I do not get to give my evidence because I am autistic and have spent 24 hours terrified in a cell when I suffer claustrophobia.

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