Wednesday, 22 January 2014

save the blog

would those who save and print the blog please do that today?

I can tell you something, being flung into court after 24 hours in the cells and not being able to produce your own evidence and being treated as if you are insane is not justice, and is not safeguarding, shame on those so called Christians.

The Diocese are undoubtedly not going to leave me alone because I am speaking out, and as the police act for them and treat me as if I am mad and bad, it is not a fair trial, is not justice and they do not remotely Christian.
But inevitably as they continue to harm me from their positions of power, they will kill me, my life is crippled and I live in fear and unable to defend myself, and they will find a way to 'make me dissapear', so save the blog, and when I do 'dissapear', speak up for me, and if we can only see Jane Fisher removed as a result, then it will make the church safer for vulnerable people, and it will have been worth losing my life, in every sense.
I will never get out of poverty, pain and living in fear, so if I do face further beatings and detentions, it will kill me at some point, in all seriousness, I am worn down and damaged and tired, I do not mind losing my life if Jane Fisher is removed from working with vulnerable people.

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