Saturday, 25 January 2014

Another plea to the Diocese

Dear Bishop and Diocese of Winchester,

I am asking you for my life and freedom .

I live here, in poverty but generally fed and clean and looking after myself well. My only barriers are that poverty makes accessing some things harder and I daren't use NHS medical services as a result of you tracing me through the police and because I have no been treated well by the NHS as a result of your repeated attempts to have me sectioned.

I like my home, I like watching movies and sleeping in my soft duvet when I overcome my terror and manage to sleep, I like making cups of tea and going for gentle walks.

Please, do not harm me further by interventions and press releases and threats, let me go on living and don't intervene further.

You have significantly reduced my quality of life through your actions over the years, and you should be satisfied with that and feel no need to further injure and damage me.

I dislike unsolicited interventions, and as an adult human being, I have a right to protest your interventions and that harm that they inflict.



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