Wednesday, 22 January 2014

lets bust another miff

Hi, I think I may have been ill today because of an asthma attack coming on, it hit suddenly with force this evening, but thankfully I had inhalers in my tin.

Miffs about me being housed:

Some people are a bit confused about me being housed.

The Church of England and the wrecking-ball Diocese DID NOT play a part in me being housed.

I was housed due to fatigue, and with friendly safe help. I was housed voluntarily and without threats, intimidation or warnings, I chose to be housed, and I am grateful to those who helped to arrange it. It was nothing to do with the church.

I am housed on condition that the Diocese leave me alone, if they harass me I will walk out and sleep rough and fight them from the streets. This will majorly annoy a lot of people.
If the diocese attack me with the police, they will again leave me homeless, and this is one of the reasons I have stayed homeless for so long, because the diocese have not been restrained from harming me further and thus I saw no point in battling to be housed because the diocese could continue to harm me and if I fought back or even if I didn't, they could lose me my home, again, and after everything I lost in Jersey, what would be the point in going through it again.
I am housed now because the diocese cannot get away with as much as before, because people know.

I am still very afraid of being indoors at night and feel trapped, and afraid that I will wake up on that police cell floor that haunts my nightmares, I suffer such anxiety that sleep is difficult and I still have bad dreams and terrors and flashbacks at night.
However, I am making progress with coping.

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