Sunday, 13 October 2013

For Jane Fisher

Dear Jane Fisher,

You have been given a copy of my blog and you know my feelings.
Your reaction will be to try and have me beaten and put away again, to silence me.
This that you have done to me and are doing and will do to me is what you also inflict on Jesus.

When you covered up at my expense, when you told me my abusers were just Christians who did things wrong, when you excused Bob Key by saying he made mistakes, when you attacked and insulted me, when you violated my private and personal life constantly, when you had me damaged beyond repair by brutality and lies and cover ups and imprisonments, this is what you did to Jesus, and yet you do as all church of england people did, and excused yourself, but Jesus has not excused you.

Despite me having a formal complaint against you since 2009, you were allowed to comission and influence a report about what happened to me and were able to almost, but not quite exonorate yourself at my expense, again forcing me to be mentally ill when I am not.

You may be able to continue to excuse yourself, but as long as you stay in your position and as long as you stay working with vulnerable people and excuse yourself at my expense, having left me ruined and living dead, you are a statement from the church of england that the church of england remains an exclusive club, of which one of the perks is abuse that will be covered up at the expense of victims by the likes of you, and that all the noise in the press about caring and sorrow for abuse is empty noise and a shameful self-glorification at the expense of abuse victims.

You have ruined me over and over, after destroying my life in Jersey you remained unpunished to go on and destroy me again in the UK, and then again since March this year through the Korris rubbish.

You may well try to have me beaten and locked up and jeered at again, but this blog is being recorded, saved and printed by various people, and your tribute, this blog, even if you force it offline, will come back, it will come back, and no matter how you are forcing my complaint about you out, I will see that complaint continued even after 20 years in prison for your crime, I will see my complaint against you continued even after my death, I will see my complaint against you continued no matter what, and as long as the church of enngland continue to employ you in 'safeguarding' after what you have done, they continue to state their utter contempt for the safety and welfare of vulnerable people.

And it amazes me that after what you have done to me, you remain there and consider yourself any kind of safeguarding, or maybe you don't, you just enjoy picking up your salary or the kick you get out of your work.
You have no conscience Jane Fisher, you are not just an unrepentant sinner who excuses herself through saying her lines on Sunday in church, you are an abuser, and you are a danger to vulnerable adults, and the lies and omissions you stated to the court in Jersey and in Sussex are wickedness, you took a human life, why do you remain in a postion to continue to harm that living dead human and other vulnerable adults?

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  1. I thought I would add...Jane Fisher knew that the churchwarden in Jersey was a serial wrongdoer, and yet she called him a 'Christian who got things wrong!' in contrast to letting me be called wicked! Jane Fisher seemed to be very much in line with the Jersey church in aimlessly spouting Bible and Christianity in an out of context evangelical way while allowing wrongdoing and refusing to deal with my complaint.


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