Wednesday, 16 October 2013

How to make yourselves look good through abuse victims -for the church of england

After your spectacular failure to impress anyone, especially church abuse victims in your recent use of us in the press, I have a suggestion, which would be well within the very skewed ethics of the church of england.

Why don't you create and groom an 'abuse victim' to sing your praises and harp on about how the church of england has looked after them so well since the abuse and they forgive the church and all is puppies and flowers.
You will never get a real victim to do that, as you treat abuse victims appallingly even while doing your show for the press. So pay someone to do it, that would be well within the church of england's ethics, it would not sit on your consciences or be wrong in your eyes, after all, you can say your lines on Sunday and God forgives you.

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  1. Bishop Butler, no-one will stop you commenting if you disagree.
    After all, a good debate may be what changes the rotten old system.