Monday, 14 October 2013

Jersey Police

For two years after they let my abuser go, the police subjected me to confused and unclear intervention, there has never been a time when Jersey Police had an appropriate adult present while they brutalized, threatened and jeered.
Several times they appeared to call an appropriate adult in but that person was not present during any interview or brutalization.

Recently, in what appears to be a sick joke, they reopened the case against my abuser, after all the action they have taken against me for him.
My reply was that they do not have a just judge to put my abuser in front of, and after what they have done to me, I wanted nothing to do with them.

It is up to them if they keep their 'investigation' open, it is too late for justice, because what they have done to me is irreversable.
And as I said, their is no just and impartial judge in Jersey.
The Jersey way sees abuse as a perk and not a crime.

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