Tuesday, 15 October 2013

choose between college and fighting back to the diocese of Winchester

Well the list of things that I have lost due to the Diocese of Winchester is already incredibly long.

And trying to go to college is pointless with the record the diocese gave me.

And Now, with flu and the Deanery and Diocese relaunching their efforts, and the awful anniversary that reminds me that I will never be whole again.

I had to choose between college and fighting back.

College is no great loss, I was too tired and hopeless to go anyway, but it was part of the plan to rebuild my life as best I could, that started before the diocese relaunched on me.

So I quit college, because the diocese wont let me alone to have my new life, such as it was.

Their refusal to withdraw Heather Steel is a statement of that.

And so I have to continue to fight her dishonest and wrong involvement and anything else the deanery and diocese throw at me.

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