Saturday, 19 October 2013

letter to Bishop Dakin

Dear Bishop Tim,

I have already made a number of complaints to you about your needless acts of wrecking and hatred in my life since march this year.

But as those complaints continue to be ignored and I continue to suffer worse and worse as a result of your blatant acts of stupidity and cruelty I am again writing to you in the form of a formal complaint.

As I continued to suffer the hate campaign at the hands of the Jersey Deanery, the one you sparked off with the most profoundly stupid and badly thought out and irrelevant report and investigation the Church of England has ever seen, I wrote an open letter, to no avail whatsoever, to try and stop the massive psychological harm that the hate campaign was causing me, while you stood by and let it.
This is the hate campaign that you denied while threatening me.

That hate campaign coupled with you allowing the even more enormous harm of allowing someone who is on the side of, and representing, the same wrongdoers, and arranging for her to access my records against my wishes with the states of Jersey police who have harmed me, has led to massive psychological harm to me.

The damage you have done is not only irreparable but you have also, by this prolonged charade, which started in March, and it is now October, prevented me from living any form of normal life, you have also prevented me from receiving trauma therapy, because the ongoing harm to me and the instability it has caused in my life means that having trauma therapy is not safe, as trauma therapy is traumatic itself. My psychologist has recorded very worrying levels of trauma on the trauma assesment, with some scores a long way above the clinical cut off score, but we are stuck because you are harming me and while you are harming me we cannot transfer me to trauma therapy, and it is hard enough for psychological therapy to proceed.

I have got to breaking point, because although there is no point in education and enrichment in my life since you gave me a criminal record, I was occupying myself as best I could with college and activities and preparing for a repeat sponsored walk that was extremely successful last year and raised hundreds for charity, I was also receiving support and therapy.
Your ongoing damage to me has meant I have had to stop all my activities and therapy and care, because I cannot cope with them and the harm you are inflicting both by not withdrawing a blatantly conflicted enquiry that omits my side of things due to the investigator being someone I will not see because she is conflicted, and because the hate campaign is damaging my soul beyond repair while you sit back and let it.

You made it very clear from the start that you do not care about me, that you have no interest in my story, my welfare, or justice for me, so why are you allowing Dame Heather Steel and the Jersey Deanery who she is advertised as representing, ruin me?

You allowed Jane Fisher, who I have had a formal complaint against since 2009 and who has destroyed me since then, to proceed to be involved and launch the Korris report publicly and leave me publicly damned, the church of england have never before inflicted such a horrific punishment on a victim as that, on top of the unspeakable damage done to me previously by Fisher, and yet, despite the complaint against her, she was allowed to proceed with the Korris report and omit her own bad behaviour at my expense! And publish that shameful rubbish for the world to see!

And what did you do? attacked me suddenly with the police, spewed the whole lot all over the press at my expense, then you refused to communicate, then you threatened me, tried to deny the hate campaign, reinstated and cleared the Dean and comissioned a conflicted report.

8 months later and having ignored every complaint you have received, you have utterly destroyed my efforts to build some sort of life in the ruins of Jane Fisher's destroyal of me, you have let me be publicly ruined by the deanery who you attacked while using me as a pawn against them.

You have not done anything about the injustice of Jane Fisher and Micheal Scott-Joynt ruining me, you have not done anything about the Jersey Deanery, you have ensured that nothing ever will be done, when their friend Dame Steel who is advertised as representing them deals the final blow against me for them, publicly like that Korris report that you used to publicly ruin me.
Dame Steel having been allowed to proceed while complaints have been ignored, has been allowed to omit my evidence because she and you could not be bothered to allay concerns about her very obvious conflict.
Dame Steel who deliberatly ignored all communication from Bob and is about to publish her destroyal of me that was arranged with the police who harmed me and kept inaccurate records, and the deanery who she represents while she is supposed to be investigating them,  but the puzzling thing is, why if she was not investigating my deportation, because her close colleague Bailhache wont allow it, did she try to illegally access my court records without my permission?

Tell me why: You have publicly destroyed me with the Korris report and the conflicted enquiry that hijacks and rubbishes my complaints, you have prevented justice or any healing for me, you have inflicted massive psychological harm on me, you have left me so maligned and ruined that there is no comeback, and you have left me waiting for Steel to destroy me and absolve the wrongdoers?!

Why did you not just leave me alone to scrape a life out of the ruins of what Jane Fisher has done to destroy me, and deal with your clergy in a proper and private matter rather than attacking the whole lot and leaving the laity who have done wrong out of it and sparking a hate campaign which cannot ever be undone or healed, while you stood by and let me be ruined and let a PR Firm badly run your business for you, and lie about personally apologizing!

You have inflicted massive massive damage on someone who was already utterly ruined, and this is inexcusable, you have left it so that my side of things is completely omitted and you have done nothing about the injustices I have suffered or the lack of safeguarding in your diocese or the fact that your safeguarding officer is an abuser who has ruined an abuse victim and there has been a formal complaint against her for four years and yet instead of suspending her and making her apologize, not that it would restore me, you let her lead this massively damaging attack on me, and took her advice, the results of which show why there is a complaint against her, which remains undealtwith, while she continues to work with, and be a danger to, vulnerable people.

Bishop Dakin, this whole matter is an utter, unspeakable disgrace, and I know you don't care because your threatening of me in the beginning, for being asked not to violate my life again, says it all.
My side in this has not been relevant to ANYONE in the church of england or the enquiry and you could have wasted money some other way without causing massive psychological damage to someon already destroyed and in severe difficulties.

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