Monday, 21 October 2013

letter to Bishop Dakin 2

Dear Bishop Tim, 
You are responsible both for the smear campaign in Jersey where people representing the Jersey Deanery which you oversee have repeatedly slandered and libelled me to the press and public and have drowned out my side of things by doing so, and also the fact that the investigations which you launched are omitting my side of things and basically, in these two things, even though I am already destroyed you are setting me up to be completely and iirepparably publicly ruined, even though there is no way I can recover from what your diocese has already done.

If you believe yourself to have any honest and right reasons in this whole terrible mess, you need to respond immediately in stopping the hate campaign and ensuring either that I get a fair hearing now, or that another enquiry is done to counter the current mess, and this time include my views, I have no choice but to proceed with my own public reporting to counter the harm you have done to me by allowing the smear campaign and the conflicted enquiry.

It is ludicrous that Dame Steel is allowed to proceed when she was advertised as representing the Jersey churches and also the way she has behaved in trying to illegally get my records, snubbing me and then in response to my concerns, deciding to walk away instead of giving the assurance that she is neutral.

You have severely psychologically harmed me, and despite my concerns since March, you have done nothing to resolve things, despite knowing that Bob Hill is there for you to communicate with and resolve things,


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