Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Wanderer

Welcome to The Wanderer, I have decided to be brave and share it with you.
Remember it is written by someone on the autism spectrum in distress and living a very unstable lifestyle on the streets.
The Wanderer started in October 2011 as a combined day to day and historic blog called 'Homeless' and was divided into the day to day blog 'The Wanderer' and the historic blog 'Homeless' in 2012.

I am only sharing 'The Wanderer' today. I may share 'Homeless' at a different point.
I have been evaluating the wanderer, and the page you land on from the link is the final page of the two years blog, and it looks a bit scrappy, but that is because the blog was ending and my attention has been on the Dame steel destroyal of me. I urge you to start with the 2011-2012 part of the blog, the high adventure and the grief of the church.

Started as a suicide note after being destroyed by the church of england, the blog itself became a lifeline and shows my progression from deeply traumatized to more settled and the tragic re-intervention of the Church of England in the end which undid the rebuild of my life and left me unsettled and alienated by people who heard the church of england's smears about me. It was inevitable that the Church of England would come after me, they are vengeful, and as you will see throughout the blog, I lived in fear of this happening.
In May 2013 there are a number of desparate and bizarre posts as I suffered once again at the hands of the church of England and considered suicide, I considered deleting these posts but decided to leave them.
This blog shows a clear inside view of an unusual life on the streets.
In the earliest part of the blog, a number of mentions are made of me writing about my life and the church in this blog, and I did, when this blog was originally called 'Homeless', but what happened was, I decided to separate the writing about my past and the church of England from this blog as the blog became top heavy and complicated with both historic and day to day posts, and was confusing some people, thus, this blog, 'The Wanderer' took the day to day posts, and almost all the historic posts are in another blog called 'Homeless' which is currently offline, but for the first year of this blog you can read my deep distress about the church of England, before I begin to recover and bit, just to have them launch on me.

Both in this blog and 'Homeless' all real names are changed, converted to initials or omitted, both people's names and place names, for security and privacy and to keep me from being traced.

To fully understand 'The Wanderer' It is best started from the beginning in October 2011and read backwards to October this year, although that is harder than it sounds, and you have to know how blog archives work in order to do it.

This blog is dedicated to V. who is an angel and a shining light in the darkness, and to all my street brothers and sisters and everyone who has helped us, it has been an amazing and incredible adventure.

The Wanderer:

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