Thursday, 14 November 2013

Good morning,
another bout of debilitating pain is crippling me at the moment, so I will try to write but am a bit lacking in concentration.
I hope that those who are linking to the Wanderer blog are finding it interesting, it was interesting for me to relive it as I read it through in the last few days.

I apparently asked the Hope Of Survivors if they had any information on Pastoral Care boundaries recently, I don't remember doing so but I have seen my email to them and I have had a reply, this is a link to their advice to clergy.

In case you are wondering, I am not anti-church in any way, and I do like to go to church but due to attachment disorder and autism and life experience, I do not respond well to being intensely helped by church members, and I am honest about that, and if I go to a church I am honest about my circumstances and also honest in telling them that close involvement will not help as I get distressed.

The current two churches that I attend do not get closely involved with me but I am as much part of the fellowship as anyone, and that is clearly what works best with me.

I have a feeling I asked about guidelines in Pastoral care because they seem to be surprisingly lacking in places like the Diocese of Winchester. Who step in and close the door after the horse has bolted but do not appear to provide any solid guidance or supervision.

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