Thursday, 14 November 2013

Revolutionizing the church of England. Unheard of changes.
The church of England needs the following:

Anti-discrimination and anti-bullying policies and procedures. Why will this be revolutionary? Well the Church of England contains such deeply ingrained prejudice and narrowmindedness that trying to teach the old ladies not to call people with autism 'mentally retarded', and changing that whole attitude to the poor and vulnerable will cause outcry and outrage.
They are so used to that attitude that they cannot see themselves as doing anything wrong.
But, the very simple thing is. Their attitude is not Jesus' attitude, and is that not a good enough reason to change?

As I write this, I remember a lady Vicar spouting and pouting about 'The Bible being sexist', Oh my! Get over yourself! What a thing to sit and complain about at Bible study! If you don't like it, then what are you doing there!
I do not see the Bible as sexist at all :) I think the Bible is great! I just wish the Church of England would read it and apply it, rather than trying to change it to suit themselves.

Here endeth the lesson.

The church of England do need a proper set of ethics for clergy;  and excluding vulnerable people from clergy houses is not an ethic, it is a discrimination on the par of the description above of the old ladies calling someone with autism 'mentally retarded', it is a hurtful and isolating discrimination.
Instead of scapegoating the vulnerable and making them into a burden, the church should be being Christians and ensuring vulnerable people have strength, an advocate in each church and inclusion.

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