Thursday, 14 November 2013

Paradise Island

Because Jersey is just a sunny island where everything is happy.

Sadly Jersey isn't.

Jersey, which portrays itself as a democracy, but behind the scenes, the finance industry and a group of politician/judiciary crossovers, run the island to suit themselves.

Jersey isn't a land of lovely brown cows, there are only a few herds left, and I remember a whole herd being moved down to the port to be shipped to England, there are only a few farms left and poorly-treated immigrants work the land and farm the potatoes, so far removed from the wealthy politicians and finance workers who run and ruin the island.

The south of the island is very built up, I was shocked when I first saw Jersey and the miles of buildings, this was not the beautiful island that is portrayed in brochures. The dusty and ugly St. Helier and the run down gloom of First Tower.

There is still some physical beauty to Jersey, but it is no idyllic island paradise, it is a finance centre.

Jersey has had a number of 'problems' over the years, that have come to the surface like infections, and which have been swiftly covered up. And undoubtedly further problems which have never come to the surface, mainly because you risk your job and your quality of life if you speak up in Jersey, and most of the injured parties are vulnerable.

Haute de la Garrenne hit the headlines, much to the dismay of the little clique who run Jersey, and they made fools of themselves trying to cover up and trying to change what had happened and play it down, and eventually the publicity died down and the 'Jersey Way' kicked in and closed the whole matter down, apart from the bloggers continuing to question it.

Victoria College had a problem with abuse, but again it was handled 'The Jersey Way' and silenced. Again the same little clique were involved.

There was also the case of serial rapist Vicar, Peter Manford. The problem with Jersey when it comes to abuse in the church is that the Diocese of Winchester hear nothing, see nothing, and wont get involved, because they have no power over their clergy in Jersey, and the churches and the politicians/judiciary who run the island are deeply interconnected. So it all gets squashed, the Jersey way.

My complaint against the churchwarden was handled the 'Jersey Way' and he remained in positions in church and I was left homeless and destroyed.

Jersey manages to get away with a lot, and does not provide adequate welfare, protection and education to the less well off.
I remember an 11 year old who was at First Tower School, who was not dyslexic but she could hardly read or write, and recently a teacher who shot a pupil in the face with a starting pistol and didn't even ensure he was medically examined, was allowed back to work.

The police Force are less than honest and more than a bit heavy handed.

And the housing system is bad, expensive, and for migrant workers, non-qualified people and people in poverty, the housing can be in a shocking condition and the landlords/ladies often treat tenants like animals, not allowing any privacy and rifling through tenants private posessions.

Those who think Jersey is a lovely little island, and the 'honeymoon island', behind the scenes, it is not always a lovely place to live. The reality is a bit different from the holiday.

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