Saturday, 16 November 2013

Bishops, fat people who ignore abuse.

Thoughts provoked by media this morning.
What if Bishops, those high up in the big houses and with all the power, started talking the issues of abuse of children and vulnerable adults.
By tackling I do not mean spouting off in the media, glorifying themselves or reluctantly facing the hundreds of abuse and misconduct complaints that they receive.
It would be better for their souls than their usual routines of pomp and high profile fattening dinners.

The Day Bishops start actively helping abuse victims, making proper provision for their welfare and recovery, and dealing with the abusers openly, then things will change.
I am not talking about my case. I am talking about in general.

The problem is, a lot of abusers are high profile and protected, as in my case, both of my abusers had the right connections and neither were dealt with by the church.

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