Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Voice comments, fascinating

"If the point of this comment is to make you look clever, you failed..."

No, one point of that comment was to educate you ... and perhaps a few other readers who are conditioned into unquestioningly swallowing Jersey establishment misinformation.

Perhaps in your case (and any who are 'resistant to education') this was an unrealistic hope and I apologise. An effort domed to failure.

The main point (& in support of the video) is that The New Testament/ Christian message is largely a socialist one if one is going to attempt to analyse a religion along Left-Right/Party-Political lines.

The first poster "Anonymous 10:48" on this seems hyper focused on this left-right/socialist issue and perhaps tellingly plays the xenophobic scare card (perhaps racist even?)

"Anonymous" continues to shoot himself in the other foot by branding Sam/RJ as the "Looney left"

I have never seen the "Looney left"look so sensible. We surely have more of a problem with the "Rabid Right" in Jersey. In some cases the extreme right ;-)

As I and the video point out it is rather bizarre that the Christian (predominately socialist) message has been hijacked and even turned upon it's head in Jersey by "the Orifice of the Dean" and it's closely aligned Jersey Establishment.

Is anyone who too closely follows this leadership inadvertently stumbling into damnation rather than the resurrection they so desperately seek?

The intervention of the Jersey establishment has apparently "exonerated" Dean Bob Key

Does this mean that Bob Key has WITHDRAWN HIS APOLOGY for his safeguarding failures and his subsequent mishandling ?????

If so Bob Key has shown himself to be rather lacking in moral backbone to have let himself be bullied into making said apology in the first place?

Of course Bob Key would avoid an interview with VFC because BALANCE would require him to answer these difficult questions and many others !

Dean Bob Key has only been pronounced "exonerated" inside the ultra-insular Jersey bubble. The ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY'S apology still stands.
They don't grow on trees you know, and Team Bailhache again shafts Jersey internationally.

What were you saying about the [back] office of your dean?
Shine a light on that if you dare.......

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