Friday, 26 September 2014

Jersey - Run by the City of London

I was surprised to see this article, I had no idea that the running of Jersey by the city of London was so blatant.

Do you remember me mentioning the education system in Jersey, the horrible little girl from First Tower School who used to bully me and thought she was a little adult even though she could barely read or write?
And how I said that to get a proper school education in Jersey you have to pay for it?

Also, how does this man think the education system can be improved when the schools are swamped with migrant children?

But basically, the States have their priorities wrong, wasting thousands, millions on film money that got fraudulently taken, and Plemont, etc, and leaving schools and services for the ill and disabled struggling..

Jersey is packed with people, it has traffic jams, it is crowded, it is miserable and the beautiful island it was is vanishing under concrete and buildings.
It doesn't need more people.

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