Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tim is good at this comments

Anonymous22 September 2014 20:16

The Dean provides an important non-aligned independent voice and spiritual insight within the States Chamber, the Dean make no claims to direct representation, his office seeks to be a voice for all people of faith, not just Christians.

Stop skirting around the issue, and ask the Dean for an interview VFC...

Good idea Anony @ 20:16

VFC If you decide to invite the Dean for an interview would you please add these to your list of questions from a person that has not seen a wage increase increase a very long time.

a. Who paid for the rebuilding of the town church organ costing £250,000 ?

b. The position of Dean as acknowledged head of the CoE in Jersey, is a recipient state benefits, can he please explain how he is a non-aligned independent voice, as Anony @ 20.16 and probably others claim ?

c. Do the mature members of Government need lectures on spiritual insight, does the Dean feel that if this is the case they should attend their own churches ?

d. For what reason was the Dean sent to Maderia after the HG problem. Did the tax payers fund the trip, and if so what was the purpose, obviously not politics as he is not elected.

e. Dr Gavin Ashenden speaking on BBC Jersey to Matthew Price was asked how much money annually Jersey contributes to the diocese off island, he replied in the region of £800,000 as the Dean is head of the CoE what is the exact amount and could he also supply the amount figure the parishes pay for the upkeep of the churches and other staff expenses.

f. Is the Dean comfortable living in a mansion and receiving a wage that would help purchase food for Jersey's active food bank charity, does he know Gerry Padden ?

Gerry Padden, from the Grace Trust, said: "We're quite a wealthy island and we have people who are struggling to make ends meet.



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