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This comment from VoiceforChildren's latest blog kind of says what I have tried to say for so long. Voice can lynch me for nicking it

Just to add my own comment, the CofE is a club where wealthy elderly people put their 10% in and look down on others as they believe their membership makes them Christians.

This is the blog post that the comment below comes from:

Taken fron the Guernsey press comments section. The debate is running in parallel with the Deans position on Jersey.

Comments section

Tim South

September 21, 2014 11:19 pm

We have the same problem in Jersey.

As many of you may be aware history tells us that the horny king Henry the VIII had trouble being married to one woman, and the Vatican being Catholic would not allow divorce. Not a problem if you are the king of England so he basically formed his own church, the Church of England and placed himself as it’s head. Then he could and would and did as he pleased including chopping of his wife’s head or imprisoning them.

The Vatican was wealthy and the CoE was funded by the people with the King as the overall leader.

This church has been handed down from Monarch to Monarch through the centuries and now the Queen is boss the subjects fund the church as do the congregations.

It is high time that this historic feudal setup is scrapped for several reasons some of which are mentioned above. Whichever God you may worship, it is your choice, but all religion’s as in the Mormons, Catholics,’ Muslims etc should be paid for by followers. All have charity status meaning they are not obliged to pay taxes.

It is discriminatory against other religions that the tax and ratepayers fund the Queens inherited religion. Why should other religions or atheists have to dig into their pockets to support the CoE when there is no connection ?

The strongest personal objection is that religion is invited into Government in a lobbying capacity and to say prayers and be rewarded by the taxpayer is just ridiculous. I am unsure of the pay in Guernsey but the Dean Bob Key in Jersey receives £26,100 per year in addition to everything else, everything else means a very large newly painted rectory and all utility and accounts paid, plus a recent tax funded trip to Madeira representing Jersey.

This may have been the norm in Henry VIII time but it is nothing short of a scandal today. The big question is why the States members are allowing this abuse of public money.

A comment above says it is not particularly expensive to fund the CoE, I disagree. The Church of England accounts show a portfolio of property, ( the Wonga shareholding has been removed after criticism ) shares and other assets valued at £5 billion.

They can afford to fund themselves, and if they are supposed to be doing Christ’s work how is it that they are sitting on such a fortune, given the amount of starving, poor and destitute in this world ?

That’s a question States members might be asking their Dean.

Bob Hill has some interesting information on his blog.

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  1. Just gotta add. They have all that money and they show off in the press by setting a mere two million aside for abuse victims, or claiming to. Reality is that they are dishonest so that 2m may never be seen.