Wednesday, 25 June 2014

What the Bishop didn't take into account when he launched on the Jersey Deanery part 1 of 1000

If an outsider from the UK launches a public attack on islanders, what is going to happen? If a Bishop from the UK church attacks islanders what happens?
Bishop Peter Broadbent just recently recreated this situation by attacking Jersey, what happened? You got an islander from one of the cult churches saying he had no right to say anything,
and the reality was, he was being a bit general and a bit irrational in his attack, just as Bishop Dakin was being very irrational and very general by publicly and in the national press, attacking the whole of the Jersey Deanery.

Here is Bishop Peter's outrageous launch on Jersey, although I doubt he mean it to be publicized

While Bishop Dakin's attack on the Dean and Deanery led to me being slandered and smeared and voiceless to defend myself as the story went international and the smear and cover up campaign was successful in villifying me.
I was devastated, why did the Bishop have no concern for my welfare and safety when he publicly launched on me. And why did he not stop the villification of me, but instead allowed the investigation to be taken over by someone conflicted because they were linked to the people smearing me and protecting the Dean?

I wonder what part of the whole charade of 16 months or so, Bishop Dakin considers to be about safeguarding?
Firstly, he produced the Korris report without my views and published it, how can you produce a safeguarding report about an abuse claimant and not include their side of things?
Secondly, he was sent my amendments directly by me, and also from Jan Korris when I emailed her,
and he did not amend the Korris report or arrange to meet me to add my views.

He more recently, after more than a year of being asked, withdrew the Korris report from the Diocesan website, and not because of my requests, but to protect himself.
Unfortunately by the time he withdrew it, less than a month ago - proven - it was and is so widely circulated that him withdrawing it from the Diocesan site makes little difference, I can access the Korris report via various routes in an instant.

Bishop Dakin has never attempted to meet me to discuss what happened to me, it appears that because he has never got my side of things or met me, the silly man thinks I am dangerous, and well, I am dangerous in that I am not going to let him get away with harming me, but as for agressive or violent, if you suggested to anyone here at the drop in today that I am aggressive and violent, they would look at you in astonishment! I am very quiet and I only act with anger if I am being abused and treated horrendously as I have been by the Diocese.
So he hasn't got my side because from the start, influenced by the inaccurate Korris report which was influenced by Jane Fisher, he made it clear he condemns me as bad, and so, he launched and ran an investigation without my side and assuming I am bad and thus will not be included. What a silly silly man, what a dreadful damaging and Unchristian way to behave.

So, after excluding me completely from the Korris report, and refusing to amend it, he proceeds to ignore island politics and cliques, who is related to who and who is friends with who, and accepts an offer from Dame Steel to investigate the matter further.

Dame Steel, a friend and colleague of Philip Bailhache and who was known to give a speech for him at a gathering of his, is allowed to proceed to investigate, despite the fact that Philip Bailhache abused his power to run a smear campaign against me, publicly harming me, which the Bishop did nothing about.
The Bishop ignored protests that Dame Steel was conflicted.

Dame Steel didn't introduce herself to me, explain anything or contact Bob Hill, who was acting on my behalf, instead she attempted to access my lawyer's records from when the lawyer had misrepresented me,
and unexplainably, as, despite Jan Korris's recommendations, neither Dame Steel, nor anyone else was looking into my arrest and deportation.
In fact the whole matter from Korris onwards seems to have been about covering up, for Jane Fisher and Bishop Scott-Joynt, for the Dean, the police, everyone.

Not at any point has my full story been taken and included in a report, which is why I am producing it here on the blog, which is unfair on me because the trauma is such that being forced to produce my story to combat the smears and untruths and inaccurate reports is a tremendous strain on me, because I have to relive what happened to me, knowing that the church of england still are not listening, nor have they ever taken into account the connections between people involved in the Jersey and Diocese matter.

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