Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Walk of a Thousand MEN, arrogance and lack of safeguarding

My experience of 'ThroughFaithMissions' and their 'walkofaThousandMen' goes back a long and miserable way, to long before Jersey.

Long before Jersey I had to listen to some stuffy, arrogant old man rambling about nothing at a dinner party in his honour because he was from the 'Walk of a thousand men'.
Not a lot to do with God, I decided at the time, more to do with ego, old windbag going on about himself but with nothing to say.

I met another of these 'men', at a BBQ, he was called Jeffrey and he waffled and windbagged too. He told me that he would ' always know when I needed help and would pray for me then', ok, so the 'Walk of a thousand men is about clairvoyance as well as male ego and arrogance and showing off.

So, long before I met this arrogance in Jersey, I knew what these 'Thousand Men' were, arrogant, empty male chauvenists with high opinions of themselves and chrystal balls (haha).
I could feel the emptiness of them, and how their God was arrogance and showing off and the buzz they got from using their version of God to access people and manipulate their emotions.

I remember in Jersey how they did a 'Men's breakfast', I think if only men matter to these empty people, they should go and live in the third world, where life is still that narrow and arrogant.

Anyway, this guy, Dan Cozens, was going on about how he was made a member of some 'order' 'because the church wanted to keep him as priest', well, firstly, Jesus didn't preach anything about 'orders', that is more of a pharasee thing, and such boasting has no place in Christianity.
If the church want to keep arrogant and empty men as priests, and give them an 'order' to boast about, then  they are lost. Thinking of that empty boastful man, I am reminded very strongly of Peter Ould, it all seems to be about extending what is between their legs rather than anything to do with God.

it reminds me of the sermon 'What is Church all about? What word shall I preach on today that has three letters, is the foundation of the church and has three letters including G and O?

Anyway, they ran this exclusive mission in Jersey, where they went round forcing themselves on people by cold calling at people's houses, my abuser was very much leading this, even though he was supposed to be supervised, in fact during the mission week, he had a lot of access to vulnerable people, but, when I asked to help with the mission, I was excluded, it's not for the poor and disabled, it is selective.

The Churchwarden was always going on about this man, Dan Cozens, in the same way as he went on about the Dean, as if he was a superstar, as if every word he said was true, which is how false Gods and idols are created. But apparently this same man, Dan Cozens, and his organization, allowed the churchwarden to access vulnerable young women on 'Walk Cumbria' and talk to them about sex, this was despite the fact that he should have been aware of the churchwarden's history, especially as he was closely allied with the churchwarden's church and did a previous mission in Jersey with the churchwarden championing it.

I feel sorry for anyone duped by these falsehood walks and their false God. EGO and GOD are not the same thing. There is nothing in the God that they force on vulnerable people, no love, no safeguarding, just emptiness, as in the cult churches in Jersey, it's a buzz, it's a kick and it does draw in people who are vulnerable or going through bad times, because of that, but in the centre is emptiness, no genuine care, and blaming of people who are 'not good enough' in one way or another for this cult movement.

So, again the abuser was given access to vulnerable people, at this cult mission that I was unwelcome at, and I didn't really like church being invaded by this cult movement, 'the walk of a thousand men', because that church was already full of cult and chauvenism, why magnify it and dupe people that this was to do with God?

It was on the 'advice of one of these empty-hearted cult men, who had never met me, that the churchwarden tried to 'put guidelines on me' after discussing me detrimentally with the churchwarden and Vicar behind my back.
The empty hearted cult man from the 'walk of a thousand men' was Dan Cozen's right hand man, Jonathan Mortimer, I don't think he had a soul, he was so empty.

I made it clear to the churchwarden just as I did to Fisher and Scott-Joynt later, that you cannot put guidelines on someone for their reaction to what you are doing to hurt them. You have to take responsibility for yourself first.

This is when I first really spoke up about the abuse, and no one contacted me about it, instead they 'advised' the churchwarden and his wife.

In every way, as well as being arrogant, empty, chavenistic and a cult, 'The Walk of a Thousand Men' doesn't just ignore safegaurding it has repeatedly upheld and enabled an abuser to access vulnerable people, in the case of the churchwarden, and who knows how many other cases similar.

Pray that we may be rescued from weird and wicked people - 2 Thessalonians 3:2

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