Sunday, 22 June 2014

St. Peter 2010 part 1

  • I developed severe insomnia during the time my Dad was in a coma and it continued to plague me for a long time after his death, I took herbal tablets every night and these left me groggy and stupid during the mornings and affected my work. 
  • One of the things that affected and worsened the insomnia was that one of the other lodgers did shifts and came in at 2am in the morning, never quiet and would bump about, his room was next to mine and my bed was against the room wall, and there was no way of moving it, one of the things he always did was click some switch on the wall, and even if I was asleep, it would wake me. He was nasty when I asked him to be quieter, and I responded accordingly.
  • These songs were often on the radio through those nights of insomnia in St. peter
  •   and
  • This song reminds me so much of my dad and his death, I rewrote it too
  • The good thing about work was that they had realised I wasn't able to eat properly at home and had little money, and they would put breakfast aside for me and give me an excellent cooked lunch for £1 per day.
  • I remember the day I got my first meal, I choked on it, I was so hungry.
  • I can't remember if I wrote in earlier posts, but I had asked my landlady if I could get a mini cooker for my room, and she had been really quite rude and said I was to make do with what I had. It is funny to remember as I sit here, because I can have anything I wish in my flat, within reason and as long as I pay for it and it is safe, and it isn't costing me more to have a flat than it was costing me to have a pokey little room in Jersey.

I have to stop writing as it is too distressing at the moment.

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