Thursday, 20 February 2014

Outstanding Quotes from the Churchwarden's Wife

There are many but lets do a few:

  • 'I belong to the Union in case any boy (at Victoria college) accuses me of abuse, it is such an expense but it is worth it'.
  • 'I'm glad we only had boys, I wouldn't have wanted a girl'
  • 'He (the Churchwarden) shouldn't hug you outside church...It might affect his CRB check if people see him.
Even then, unaware of the undercurrents, her obvious problem with abuse was there, and I remember how surprised I was when she said things about her fears. 
And also how hurtful her constant reminders to me were, that I was not the daughter her husband said I was.
The emotional damage was so bad, the doctor thought I had a virus.

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