Thursday, 20 February 2014


Dear Deputy Mike Higgins,
I am sorry for my fury at yet again being caught out and distressed by you bringing my case up in the states.
My anger and distress was because you did not have my permission, you did not warn me, I was not expecting further stress from Jersey, I am not very well, and your previous discussion on my case in the States caused me harm and did not achieve anything positive.
I give you the benefit of the doubt but you must not raise my case in the States again without permission.
(note the loophole).
This is because your raising of my case has resulted in further lies and defamation of me in the press, and I am sure that you can appreciate that neither the resulting damage nor the shock of this suddenly happening to me without warning is beneficial to me.
I am simply not strong enough to deal with any further defamatory or one-sided reports and am not happy that this is what your action tends to result in.
I know I wont get an apology in return, but your circle are famous for not apologizing

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