Wednesday, 19 February 2014

copied from a victim support website on twitter, hope they don't mind

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One of the worst things about abuse is that so very often, when you report it, you are disbelieved, not just by the authorities, who's job it is to cross question you and see if you are credible, but by friends, family, colleagues, employers, or whoever you speak out to.
The results of speaking out about abuse can range from being maligned, shunned, discredited, receive hate and all kinds of unkindness.
In Jersey, a small island, reporting a Jerseyman with the connections he had, while being treated as mad and bad, because he had engineered a situation where he came across as 'helping me' while I was made to look like I was mad and bad, I suffered terribly in the Island, while Jane Fisher merrily covered up and said it wasn't happening, when it was.

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  1. Good for you. The point has to be made and pressed home again and again.

    A person's first instinctive reaction is to want it to go away. That's why so many victims are not believed.

    The victim/survivor/s side needs to be hammered home constantly.

    For them it is devastation.