Friday, 13 December 2013


Today I have flashbacks and tachycardia. I stopped taking magnesium some time ago, maybe I should start again.
Flashbacks are very disruptive and are one of the main barriers to me returning to work.

I was asked if I had a copy of the Steel report.
No, because they wouldn't dare give me a copy of a report done to destroy me on behalf of wrongdoers.

There is no doubt from Bob's meeting with Steel, that the report would harm me and not deal with the wrongdoing by the Dean and his clergy.


  1. Please get your tachycardia checked by a doctor. It can be very dangerous. I used to have to ring for an ambulance when my (ex) wife had it and her heartbeat went up to over 130 beats per minute, and she had to go to hospital to get it treated.

  2. Thanks Tony. Recently checked by hospital, it is ok, well not ok, but, just an occasional problem. It has calmed again now. It is when it happens at night and wakes me up that I freak out.


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