Sunday, 8 December 2013

exclusive information, only available everywhere.

The Bishop thought he was in charge back then, obviously. He soon learned.

Due to the time and tiredness, the church warden request I received will be answered tomorrow.
Here is a link in the meantime.,55.msg58366.html#msg58366


  1. I wonder if this is the real deal? where did they get a copy?

    1. Really strange about that access. Hope to have answers.

  2. Part of the Steel report appendix, I believe, leaked...!

  3. leaked to trash the diocese?

  4. Ah, I understand this game, it is the shafting game, we are shafting the Bishop of Winchester today.
    Have to understand the context in which the expression is used though.

  5. Bishop was nuts and badly advised in writing that letter. Is he completely thick or what. Or is he simply trying to provoke CofE Jersey to leave the diocese and get them all out of his hair?

  6. it's rude to call the Bishop nuts :) call him insane instead. That letter was 'in the beginning' when the new Bishop thought he could do what Scott-Joynt knew he daren't do because of the consequences. New Bishop was full of self-confidence.
    But as we have seen, he has bowed to Bailhache and Steel and tried to exclude me apart from forcing on me in order to make it look like he's fulfilled his duty of care.