Sunday, 24 July 2016

Starting to respond to bullying by Jersey's safeguarding partnership

Good morning 'Central contact' Jersey Safeguarding Partnership, 

No more smell of desperation attacks today please, I have to return to work as normal today and work a full and normal day even if it is going to be hot today.
Losing almost three days work to your bullying is not acceptable. You are liable and I hope that dismissal proceedings for the troll, Glenys Johnstone, Stewart Gull and any advisors in the NSPCC are now underway.
No-one who took part in the troll attack can credibly remain, not even the bimbo who answered the phone and said they had been advised by central contact. And presumably the troll attack contingent are also the ones involved in persistently failing abused children in Jersey.

I will have to work this weekend as well as today, which is not ideal as I don't feel well and I do need more rest. I can't afford time off at the moment, as you are aware, my work and my business are technically seasonal, so as well as working as much as I can now, I am negotiating the contracts to get me through the winter. You owe me the money for three days work.

Your foolish and ill-advised bullying has been very damaging and you need to think about the impact and the danger that you pose to the vulnerable by taking mis-advice and following it through. Your report is not and never was anything to do with what happened to me, and for three years you have openly allowed and taken part in, the safeguarding failure of letting the interconnected states, church, police and judiciary who your whitewash was presumably about, openly continue to abuse and harm me, so isn't it rather silly that you have trolled me on behalf of one of those conflicted States-Church members who is so desparate for you to destroy me publicly with the whitewash that he sought legal advice?!

Wow, why do a report and trot out the usual sickening empty whimper about 'lessons have been learned' when the same people are still openly committing abuse and misconduct against me with your blessing and help?! This would be a comedy if it was so very serious. Nothing has been learned, no-one has faced any action for abusing and harming me, and the wrongdoers have openly and with you blessing and help, publicly destroyed me, and you have trolled me because those wrongdoers want you to publish their whitewash created by you, as a consolation prize because they were too blatant with their Steel Whitewash, nearly got away with it, cost Bob Hill his life and still lost their Steel whitewash because it was too blatant. 
Your whitewash is too blatant and you have abused and harmed me, and I am awaiting an apology and the results of disciplinary action against you for your actions.

If the NSPCC were the advisors for this attack on me through you, as one indicator would suggest, they are increasingly likely to face legal action as well, on a number of counts.

Please make sure my complaint against you is esculated until it reaches a competent and impartial person - probably outside of Jersey then.

And if you send me any rubbish today I will continue my efforts to raise the profile of my complaint about your criminal acts in my case.

I would like you to commission a serious case review into the harm to me by you and your colleagues in the states-church-judiciary-police circle and especially into the desparation to defame and discredit me leading to the recent troll attack by you. I don't think that there is any escaping the fact that the troll attack and the incorrect motives and complicit behaviour by the safeguarding board is serious case review material, and make a strong point that the troll attack came not long after you have been pointedly, angrily and repeatedly told to stop bullying me over your whitewash. Provide both the troll attack and my fury at your repeat efforts to force your whitewash on me, to whoever the panel investigating will be.


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