Sunday, 10 July 2016

impending attack

I get premonitions before the church attacks, usually they come in the form of sharp images of Jersey and a feeling of sadness.
At the moment I have had Jersey and Winchester premonitions. Unusual.
But also we have a situation where the conflicted Peter Wanless who has allowed John Cameron's continued harmful involvement, sitting on his serious case review panel at the same time as the Church of England are having their corrupt abusers and fat old men't meeting, otherwise known as the general synod.
Usually the synod cooks up harm to me, but both these abuser-protector meetings at once?
I have made a complaint to the serious case review panel despite Wanless and Cameron's actions, but presumably they are going to support the now desparate Glenys Johnstone in her bid to release her share of the horrific whitewash.
They will if Cameron has a say, while I have no idea what the church intend to attack me with next.
It's hard to live with having been destroyed utterly and publicly and still not being safe.

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