Wednesday, 27 July 2016


Good morning Central contact and Jersey safeguarding (debatable) partnership.

Today I have a heavy day's clearance work to finish, and then I have to assess quite an important new contract.

I hope that you are going to behave yourselves and not do anything illegal to hurt me.

You didn't respond to Central Contact yesterday, which is odd, because you wanted Central Contact to be the medium for communication, so much so that you set up a fake profile and account and terrorized me through it over your whitewash, which you had already been told very clearly to stop badgering me about.

I hope that you are very clear now that you do not have my consent for you whitewash and that you are not to terrorize me and that you have a formal complaint to deal with.
You are very slow on the uptake as I have presented this to you for a long time, hence my anger.

No more silly games today, I have work to do, and while the alcoholic man who you publicly defamed could not stand up for himself, I can, and I knew the alcoholic man who you defamed, he hated the protein milkshakes and he used to get me to drink them, and undoubtedly others recognized him from your defamatory attack too.
If you publish reports in which the individual is recognizable, that is illegal, it is not in any way an exercise in safeguarding, it is an attack. I understand that you felt able to defame him because he was dead but that doesn't make it ethically alright.

And as you know, I have been attacked and defamed in the small community for Jersey for over three years, and you want to add to it because the dignitaries are sore at losing their Steel report.
Why are you publishing attacks on vulnerable individuals? Why would a safeguarding team actually humiliate and defame people who are known in a small island community? I fail to comprehend why you are so vindictive? 

I haven't looked it up but did you also do a report into Hubert's death? Am I mistaken. That was a sad day when my mate wasn't sitting there any more and I was told he was dead. Anyway, you seem to pick and choose cases and trot them out for publicity every so often, you seem as far removed from safeguarding as you can get, 

No attacks today please.


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