Thursday, 28 July 2016

Jersey safeguarding update

Jersey Safeguarding Partnership,

I am just going to add to my complaint regarding the safeguarding board.

You can't be blind to the fact that I am suffering severe traumatic stress, which has been compounded by the last three years of public hate attack by the church. 
Did you even bother to think of the psychological harm to me of sitting through a meeting with you over your whitewash version of events?

Your report is an attack on me and you have showed no concern whatsoever for me.
I wouldn't survive your whitewash. I certainly could not sit through a meeting regarding an engineered whitewash and agree to it and be traumatized with the memories of what I lived through being dragged up by wrongdoers who have tried to re-record what I lived through to protect themselves. And I would be wasting my time giving my side of things to a complicit group of people who have no interest in my side of things or my welfare and have already created the report on behalf of the wrongdoers.
You people have lost the plot and are without purpose or understanding of safeguarding. How can you put someone at risk and under pressure as you have with me and still call yourselves safeguarding?

I remain traumatized and profoundly upset and distressed by your attack on me last week.
Of course I will always fight back but that does not remove the impact on me. It is affecting my ability to cope with day-to-day situations still. 


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