Saturday, 7 November 2015

A new letter to the Bishop

Further letter of warning to the Bishop of Winchester to cease harassing the vulnerable adult known as HG who he has overseen two years of public humiliation, defamation and harm as well as branding and vilifying her to the whole of the Church of England.
Dear Bishop Dakin,
I know that you are well aware of my distress so I will keep this short, I don’t need to rewrite my previous letters, they are available here, some of them are available here:

What I would like to ask is why am I still suffering after two and a half years, still denied justice or even a voice while you and the Archbishop and the Bishop of Dover have given plenty of audience to the defendants who you handed the abuse and safeguarding report over to. Has it not occurred to you that those people can’t write a report about themselves and be honest? Have you not realised that abusers don’t take responsibility and do vilify their victims?
Oh, I forgot, you don’t think I am a victim, because, having never met me or heard my story, you are happy to listen to a carefully put together account of how mad and bad I am. And you don’t know anything about Jersey obviously, I mean launching the Korris rubbish into the press showed that you knew nothing about either Jersey or safeguarding, and you know nothing about me except that you can put the phone down on me but not on Philip Bailhache!
I am writing to remind you that you are responsible for me being harassed, harmed and defamed as a result of the report that you handed over to the defendants to write and now refuse to release to them so that they can publicly triumph in the last straw of destroying me and exonerating the wrongdoers. I have to ask you, have you gone stark raving mad? Are you a psychopath? If not, then what on earth do you think you are doing leaving me to suffer without having done any sort of investigation into what happened to me in Jersey or Winchester? You have allowed the defendants, Jane Fisher and Bob Key to have a very full and public say against me, so when will you arrange a full and published report into my side of things? It is logical that there would be such a report isn’t it?
After all, I have suffered the Church of England and it’s abuse all my adult life, while the people who have harmed me have lived off it’s riches and powers, I have been sexually, emotionally and mentally abused and yet it is only the other side of the story being published. I know the Church of England is very skewed and their behaviour is constantly morally indefensible, especially when it comes to using abuse victims as press stunts, but surely even you can see that there is no grounds whatsoever for leaving me suffering in silence and attacked in the press every few months, this is not a sustainable way of life, and it really has come to a head with the recent song and dance in the press ruining my exam revision and results.
I have tried, despite the non-stop onslaught against me, to move on and live my life, but you won’t let me.  Your conflicted report and the way you have stirred the Jersey Deanery and States up against me to use their huge power for hatred and destroyal that even puts Jane Fisher’s vindictiveness to shame, and you are leaving me suffering because basically you are a cowardly and dishonest man, proven in you threatening me after you launched against me publicly and crushed me and again left me outcast from my friends, family and community in 2013.
Therefore you are responsible for my suffering, and putting the phone down on me while slandering me to people who haven’t met me and giving the defendants a full audience is no longer an acceptable solution. If you do not release me from you murderous grip on my life and your denial of my wellbeing and safety, I am going to die, and while Jane Fisher may vindictively call that attention seeking and all the other lies I watched her trot out against me, I have barely survived this, you have no legal right to punish me any further and stronger and more whole people have committed suicide over less than a terrible and unending hell such as this is.
I am not threatening suicide but I am ill and I am physically deteriorating again after such hard work and effort to get better, and it becomes simply too much in the end.
Please ensure that I have a fair hearing in the Church of England and with the general public. You have offered no apology whatsoever for your abuse of me over the last few years, and indeed, you have many apologies to make to me and others and it is time that you did this and brought what has been the most astounding charade of incompetence and deceit and complete and utter aimlessness in wasting money to an end. If the church has millions to waste on trying to kill someone who they label as a black sheep, why not voluntarily start paying Peter Ball’s victims and the Chichester and Kendal House victims compensation? That  would mean more to the public than Paul Butler’s empty-hearted deceit and PR stunts.


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