Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Philip Bailhache wants the report that he so carefully wrote, he is desparate for it!

Dear JEP editorial and people receiving a copy of this email.

If the JEP do not stop harassing me on behalf of Philip Bailhache then I will be making a formal complaint to the IPSO.
For years I have put up with one sided slander of me, and the day after Philip Bailhache's paedophile protecting habits are in the press, you are giving him full attention regarding the conflicted Steel report that he wrote with his colleague Dame Steel and others to defame me and clear the Dean.
You are misinforming the public and harming me without any shame at all, and also you have never published my side of things, so your actions are offensive and an act of harassment.
Why are you supporting the paedophile protector in openly harming a vulnerable adult without giving her a voice in reply?
That isn't reporting, it is harassment.
Bailhache struts his church positions despite not just one incident of him protecting paedophiles but a history of protecting paedophiles, and what is amazing is that the church 'care' so much about safeguarding that they destroyed me with these whitewash reports but they let him stay in positions of authority in the church.
The Steel report is nothing to do with safeguarding and I would like to know why Philip Bailhache is trying to stir up trouble about it so frantically now, even while he isn't made to answer to anyone over yesterday's second witness making him responsible for a serial abuser being allowed to stay in the honorary police, while Bailhache himself not only presided over the same man's trial, but also tried to say that sexual assault that he committed was minor.
Sexual assault is never minor, and the JEP are aiding Bailhache in harming a vulnerable adult abused by one of his fellow church officers, while Bailhache demands a report that he and his colleague co-wrote.

Time this terrible blatant corruption in Jersey was investigated.
I have sent this cc the police as they have a duty of care, which they have failed in for 8 years, to stop the harm and abuse I am being made to suffer.
I am very tired of being distressed by mis-information being circulated by Philip Bailhache, he is blatantly unfit for his post, and with each new propaganda and each new attack on my life, upheld by the JEP and BBC Jersey, he becomes more obviously not fit for his post. Can anyone tell me why a man who claims to be a Christian is behaving like this?
The longer this goes on, the more the rebuild of my life becomes impossible and so I plan to return to Jersey, and I am aware that efforts may be made to prevent that, but it won't stop me. It is time I faced these people who are behaving in this dishonest and deceitful and unChristian way, bullies are usually cowards, and Philip Bailhache would not dare to defame me to my face because he knows that behind all this noise about the Steel report is desparation that a very expensive and carefully engineered masterpiece of his and his equally corrupt and dishonest cohorts hasn't been published and he is scared that the Church in the UK actually know that the Steel report was a set up, as it was.
Finally, it is time for Jersey safeguarding partnership to do their job and stop Bailhache and his friends abusing me and destroying my life, 8 years too late but better late than never.


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