Friday, 6 November 2015

If you ever get tired of Jersey being petty and childish, drop them a line :)

Dear States Giraffe,
I made a formal complaint to you regarding Philip Bailhache and his efforts to get the whitewash report he engineered released so that he can publicly destroy me again and unjustly exonorate the Dean.
And despite my complaint, he is there showing off in the press and demanding that report again since I made the complaint.
Jersey looks from the outside like a lawless ungoverned and corrupt miniature version of North Korea, and actually I believe North Korea actually has a government and according to reports, it's people are happy, while Jersey grows more and more weary and miserable as Philip Bailhache. and Senators Ouzouf and Gorst continue frequent trips to the far east for mysterious reasons, at tax payers' expense - are they using those thousands spent on flights to try to pull Jersey back from it's bankrupt and empoverished state in which inadequate school, care, medical and safeguarding systems are failing people and breaking lives?
Wouldn't it be better if they did that by staying at home and coming down to the level of real islanders, who are on the bottom rung below finance industry workers and States members? Any important business with the far East and indeed most places could be done by online conferencing until Jersey is well off enough to provide for the children, vulnerable, sick and tired of Jersey.
I myself am sick and tired of Jersey but Jersey won't safeguard me from their corrupt government either so it remains my business until they do.
Well whether they are flying for good reasons or not from a little island that is theoretically overseen by the crown and has no trade with the middle east or any country, openly and persistently harassing a vulnerable adult and being proud and cocky over a very deliberate hijack of a safeguarding investigation to protect wrongdoers and destroy an already destroyed vulnerable adult makes them bad ambassadors for Jersey and they are fully aware of what they are doing and show no remorse or repetence, so I am concerned that there is a safeguarding issue around this jet set club who you have received a formal complaint about.

If Philip Bailhache considers any sexual assault on a child to be a minor and unimportant issue, and if he is unchecked in destroying a vulnerable adult for wrongdoers while trying to mislead people to get the care inquiry closed down and trying to get a his own whitewash report published, then he needs to be chaperoned in the far east as their safeguarding may not expect to cover visiting 'dignitaries and children in some far east countries are more vulnerable than they may be in Western Countries, although in Jersey you have a safeguarding and social services system that is quite keen to aid abusers and provide for their 'needs' and have not yet realised that safeguarding means preventing children and the vulnerable from being abused.
While you consider my complaint, would you like to curb the Bailhache-Gorst bad and childish behaviour as an interim measure? Jersey is making itself look very bad and when Jersey loses the finance industry, then there will be nothing left, the agriculture and tourism industries are gone, all that is left is an ugly mass of concrete and a few dictators who think they merit flights abroad while the people of their island suffer hardship.
Jersey is hopeless, run down, dirty, poor systems, hostile and with an occupation mindset because the occupation never ended, I don't want to have to spend half my time in Jersey fighting for my human rights after I have left and moved on.
So please make sure that the people who threw me away for being abused and daring to report it remember to let go of my throat so that I can actually go.
And then , when you have time, make sure Philip Bailhache is disciplined for the first time in his spoilt self-centred and arrogant life.
I would like to see it happen, the City of London will be booming down the phone that you can't cane a two-year old. The answer to which is, why is a two year old (mis-)representing Jersey internationally?
I am going to pop this email on the blog so that at a later date it can be reviewed to see if the Greffe or safeguarding board or anyone else acted in response. If they haven't then Jersey needs intervention, maybe from the UK or the UN or any amnesty organization which can deal with a teeny lawless island who think they are big enough for 'trade' with other countries. Speaking of 'Trade' I have been told that Jersey dignitaries have tried to intervene in the UK abuse inquiry, I am sure that would be about another kind of 'trade' that Jersey used to find lucrative. Child traffiking. Would that be Sir Bailhache again?


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