Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Diocese of Winchester expenditure - A Very Expensive Cover-Up

Dear **************,

I am making contact as I recall that you were rightly concerned for the Diocese of Winchester's failed and conflicted safeguarding failure investigation which has destroyed me at the cost of a million pounds and more.

I wonder if you are aware that while I suffer and the conflicted and conflicting non-independent safeguarding reports failed because the Bishop of Winchester, and indeed any Bishop, has no power in Jersey, the Diocese of Winchester continue to spend thousands on PR firm Luther-Pendragon, to avoid any liability, while I suffer and the Jersey Way learned nothing.

Jesus said 'Sell everything you own and give it to the poor'.
The Diocese of Winchester said 'Lets spend huge amounts of money leaving a voiceless and vulnerable adult further voiceless and destroyed'

I was excluded from all reports, with no intention of ever being included, while lawyer-clergyman Gavin Ashenden, who never even met me, was given 8 hours of interview to use his expertise to cover up at my expense, and that is just one of many of the powerful wealthy judiciary-lawyer-church clique who had a voice, while I didn't. And the Bishop allowed them to defame me in the press and church times, and no apology or redaction has been made.

Do you think that million was usefully spent with a useful outcome? Do you think it brought justice or gave me a voice?
Did you see Bishop Willmott muttering about how some safeguarding lunches had made God's people in Jersey safe? If those lunches made safeguarding in Jersey perfect, why weren't those lunches held before, rather than the dumbfounding mess that Bishop Dakin has created?

I have no idea what your opinion is except about costs, but you are right about costs, would you like to take this matter further with the synod? Why It took a million pounds for some social lunches to make Jersey churches safe when the lunches were for people who publicly defamed a voiceless abuse survivor and lied, and used their legal expertise to protect an abuser and his supporters?!



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