Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A reminder today to the Bishop of Winchester

Dear recipients,

As a result of the press stunts by the church of england in response to Peter Ball's sentencing, I fear for my life as the church's habit of using me as a whipping boy in the press is unlikely to cease until I take them to court and publicize it. I would like to warn you collectively that if you do attack me in the press as a result of peter ball's sentencing, I will indeed take you to court.

I have spent two years of my life living in terror and horror as a result of the church's horrifying attacks on me. I just phoned Wolvsley and the Eton Queen who put the phone down on me failed to take in my warning that I do not intend to allow the diocese to defame me as part of a PR stunt as a result of Peter Ball's sentencing. 
The church haven't apologized for the Korris report, a public attack on me to cover up for Jane Fisher, nor have they arranged an independent investigation yet.

'Independent' does not mean conflicted, it doesn't mean whitewashers with a bias like Korris and Steel, it means someone who listens to both sides, and as yet, only the church's side has been heard. And the church have left me destroyed, with a ludicrous pretence of helping me while they destroyed me, their pretence of help was to illegally refer me to the NSPCC, and the referral was made by the woman who destroyed me and covered up for herself! 

I recall Paul Butler's part in the PR stunt when the Korris rubbish was released. He vaguely played his stunts, he was 'praying for everyone involved' so basically he prayed for Bob Key and my abuser instead of stating with fury and horror that what the diocese of Winchester had done in releasing the Korris rubbish, illegally tracing me with the police and having me publicly attacked by those with a vested interest (which the diocese haven't recorded or declared) and those who didn't even know me! So Paul Butler hasn't a clue about safeguarding and Peter Ball's victims haven't a hope in hell of independent investigation if the church just appoint one of the clique  - Hedley, Butler-Sloss of Steel or others, to investigate the corruption that their own little circle are guilty of!

I warn you, no more blatant attacks on me in the Local or National papers or the Church Propaganda Rag (church times)! I do not care that the church have powerful lawyers and really are artists in duplicity and plausible lies. You have destroyed me and destroyed me again. Do you think I will just sit here with tape over my mouth or lie on a cell floor with bruises from the police? NO, I WONT, even if you kill me you will not change the deep deep evil of what you have done to me nor will you change the fact that the core of the church of england is an elite club for rich callous and devious older men (and a few women). Eton-voice may put the phone down on me but he will not stop me warning you that even if I die in a convenient police beating that no one witnesses, as has been tried a few times, what you have done to me and are doing to me will NOT GO AWAY, EVER. 

Please ensure that the Bishop informs me of the details of the independent investigation into the diocese of winchester and especially Jane Fisher's illegal actions. Having me beaten and imprisoned does destroy me, it will kill me, but it will not take away what you have done. EVER. It is the fifth anniversary of my death at your hands. Left homeless and destitute on the streets of Hampshire, with Jane Fisher determined to utterly and finally destroy me and no-one stopping her. And the Korris report smarms just as Fisher smarmed to everyone she slandered me to 'That she was just trying to help me'. 
Do you think it was appropriate for the woman who had me imprisoned and left homeless after months on end of her destroying me, to be allowed to go round slandering me to everyone in the churches and outreach in Winchester while also trying to meet with me alone?! And what report covers any of that so far? Why would the woman  who destroyed me and made me out to be mad and violent be meeting with me alone?
Eton voice can slam the phone down but he won't change the fact that there still needs to be a full investigation into EVERYTHING I have to say, because as yet, Bishop Dakin has only investigated ME for JANE FISHER in the Korris RUBBISH and BOB KEY in the STEEL RUBBISH.

Now that the Archbishop has been forced to investigate the corruption and will undoubtedly arrange another whitewash, it is time that the Bishop investigated my side of what happened in Jersey and Winchester, isn't it horrifying that he has called a two year attack on me a safeguarding investigation?

Every time you spineless duplicious church officials make a song and dance in the press, you cause me severe traumatic stress and disrupt my studies. My studies, work, and whole life seem useless to me anyway while I suffer night and day waiting for you to attack me and try to silence me for good, as Jane Fisher did so many times, leaving me severely damaged for life.

Is there any end in sight? Shall we make it this weekend? commemorate the anniversary?  

'**************** 19.03.81 - 11.10.10' 

 I didn't survive Jane Fisher destroying me, and this afterlife waiting for you to finish me off is pure hell, and no matter how I build my life, I can neither remove the hell nor believe in my life while I wait for you to finish me off.
Nonetheless, even if you do, there will have to be a full public inquiry into my death at your hands, and public pressure and circulation of my letters to you will mean you will not win.
I write this expecting, as I never have stopped expecting, for you to kill me with police or press attacks. And then try to slander me. Isn't it great that you will never ever be able to remove the evidence that has been circulated?! And eventually, under a different government, the church will be held to account for blatant dishonesty regarding my case and others. Hey, every post on my blog is saved, every letter and every document is circulated and saved, and the Bishop still wants to kill me with the Steel-Bailhache-Ashenden report, and one day someone will ask why the Bishop was silent when he was asked about this, and why he gave an audience to all Jersey Deanery and supporters, and why the Archbishop did too, and allowed them to defame me in the church times and other press and media, when this matter was supposed to be about safeguarding. It will never be forgotten or covered up, no matter how dishonest the church are! 

This is a warning that even if you do, and even if you don't, the Bishop of Winchester has shown an aversion to being taken to court and making a solicitor lie for him in court. So if I live I will take you to court and if you kill me, I think that will be the end of the church of england publicly. And to be honest that is not such a bad thing to bring a shattered and suffering life to a close, because even if I graduate from university, even if my work is a success, the suffering is never going to go, the anguish is unresolved and resting in peace while the corrupt and vicious church of england falls is not such a bad prospect. Actually can we try for the first option, taking you to court again? In an ideal world, you would all stand before a judge voiceless and physically and mentally destroyed from police brutality, but you are the church of england, you are not a victim of the church of england, there is no justice or balancing of scales is there?


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