Saturday, 10 October 2015

5th Anniversary

Here we are again
At Southampton airport

And every year I come
and I collect you

as you walk out of arrivals
from Jersey
In your pyjamas
and destroyed

I know you died
those years ago

but I have no choice 
but to continue to collect you

until the church allow you to rest
in peace

until they remember Christ
and stop hating Him

Until they stop stoning you
and forgive you their own sins

Because until then
you have to stay alive
through the anguish in my mind
and their lies to the press and police and public

One day
They will let go
there will be an investigation
or a declaration that we are safe

One day the diocese will collapse
or the church will be disbanded
or there will be a real investigation
and then I will hear you sigh

I will take you back that day
and you will rest at St. Ouens Bay
The bay with the heart in the sand
and your heart will rest happy where it belongs
Corbiere and Casquettes beaming bright
over your heart forever

you will be a child again
running to your Father's arms with joy
and the horror of what they did to you
will be gone, forgiven, as God forgave you
And I will smile 
and make my journey home

I am waiting to lay you to rest
your life wasn't in vain because I was born
and I live, a light she hasn't extinguished with her efforts
and even I am likely to die as you did, at Jane Fisher's hands

The Church hates, but God loves
and He forgave me when I was Baptised Catholic
and the brand of the Great Grim Church was gone
and I became me, but the church in hatred attacked again
the woman they killed, and the one who lives
Because they would kill
rather than ever accept their own evil and dishonesty

And so we wait
as they continue to deny you or I
justice or a voice
with their money and influence and hatred for Jesus

The grave is open
and we wait
to lay to rest 
what was

Thank you for giving me life
and if I can, I will avenge you
for their evil
RIP HG1 JW 19/03/81 - 11/10/10

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